• Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Balance Bike (and skip the training wheels)

    1) Safety
    Tricycles tip easily if the rider is unbalanced, or riding on uneven surfaces. Balance Bikes allow children to prevent themselves from falling with their own feet, while tricycle pedals interfere with this. Rather than learning to pedal first, balance bikes encourage children to learn to balance first.... by the time they are ready for pedals, the balance part has already been taken care of! When they are ready, children can skip cumbersome training wheels all together and are much less likely to fall on their first real (pedaled) bicycle.

    2) Health
    Its no secret that outdoor activities and increases exercise lead to healthier lifestyles and improved health overall. Children who play outdoors more  in their early years, will be more likely to continue that healthy lifestyle in later years. Reference Canada's Federal government site dedicated to Canadian health and safety for more information: Children and Physical Activity

    3) Balance Bikes are more versatile
    I've never seen, or heard of an off-road training wheel. In fact, training wheels are basically useless on uneven surfaces or even gravel. FirstBike Balance bikes come with several tire options most of which are inflatable. Kids can learn to use their bikes very quickly on gravel, dirt, sand or any other uneven surface. This means you can use your balance bike while camping, at the park or just about anywhere else you can think of!

    4) Learn to ride a pedal bike sooner
    Because kids who ride balance bikes learn to balance first, they can skip the crutch of training wheels all together. When they are ready for a pedal bike, they truly are ready!

    5) Confidence
    Balance bikes make learning to ride a bike easy, learning to ride a bike develops confidence, and confidence is good for kids. Children who have faith and confidence in themselves and their abilities will be more likely to lead happy and productive adult lives.

    A rather technical, but informative article on physical activity and confidence can be found on the Canadian Pediatric site: How Physical Activity builds Confidence.

    6) Money
    Balance bikes may seem more expensive than tricycles, but are they really? If a child learns on a tricycle, they will then need a bike with training wheels. Balance bikes help skip this step all together. Some kids also LOVE their balance bike so much, they stay on it until they are 5... this means less change of bike sizes for your little one!

    7) Balance Bikes are Lighter
    Why is this important? Kids are smaller than adults, and a lot less stronger. Balance bikes do not have pedals or training wheels, therefore they are lighter and easier to manage. With pedals or training wheels kids find them less cumbersome and are more able to pick them up, and move them around themselves. Any time our kids become more independent (in a good way) makes parents happy. For the lightest bike on the market, checkout FirstBike Balance bikes as they are made of a composite material that won't rust or rot in the rain.

    8) Balance bikes develop.... Balance!
    Movement is an important part of a child’s development as its part of the foundation for many areas of learning. Children who spend time practicing gross and fine motor skills are more likely to gain intellectually. In order for children to sit still and remain still, they must have developed considerable balance and body control skills. For more information on the importance of balance in a child's development, reference this article: Importance of Balance & Sensory Integration Skills Development in Children.

    9) Family Time
    Kids who love their bike will spend more time on it, because balance bikes are so much less frustrating than tricycles and training wheels, your child is sure to love it. Children who ride balance bikes learn to ride a pedal bike sooner and this means you'll be riding as a family together sooner too.

    10) Cycling is fun
    It is... really!!

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