FirstBIKE Features

    Feature Highlights

    • Lightweight frame at only 3.4KG
    • High quality air-filled tires on all outdoor models
    • Recommended for kids 18mo-5 years
    • Lowest seat height of 12" for the little guys (using the optional lowering kit)
    • Safety features including steering limiter, brake and recessed bolts
    • Easy 10 minute assembly (bike arrives partly assembled)
    • Premium high quality rubber seat (your child will not slide off!)

     Frame GRF Construction

    The frame, fork, handlebar & seatpost are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced (GFR) polyamide. The combination of advanced composite materials and state-of the-art plastic injection technology achieves an extremely strong, lightweight and highly durable finished product. Your FirstBIKE will not dent, chip, crack or splinter, yet it will flex just enough to provide a comfortable ride on bumpy surfaces.

    Frame has reflective surfaces for better visibility in low-light conditions.

    Steering Limiter

    The handlebar does not fully rotate and helps keep direction. This safety feature provides children an easier and safer ride, as well as protecting them from getting caught in, or under, the bike.


     Safety Grips

    Keep little hands from slipping off and help kids better control the bike.


    Seat & Mudguards

    Special "horse saddle" shape provides for maximum comfort and stability. The shape ensures a child does not slip off when riding downhill - unlike common pedal bike saddles!

    Front and Rear mudguards help repel dirt and Gravel.


     Seat Knob

    Ergonomic star-knob allows instant and easy adjustment of seat height - continuously adjustable over a 10cm range.


     Hand Brake

    Hand-controlled, SafetyStop rear drum brake ensures very gentle and gradual braking; the braking power can be adjusted. Special design ensures little to no maintenance over the SafetyStop lifetime.


     Wheels & Sealed Bearings

    12.5" hollow-spoke GFR polyamide wheels.

    Sealed industrial wheel bearings keep the wheels turning smoothly without replacement or service (no maintenance!).

    These wheels are extremely rigid on account of the hollow spokes. Far stronger and more true than conventional spoked wheels, the smooth design has no sharp edges, making them safe as well as easy to clean.